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Brenda Demos

Brenda Demos was killed by a drunk driver in 1985.

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05/26/16 08:51 PM #1    

Carol Scudder (Hirsch)

What a lousy way to go.

05/28/16 12:07 AM #2    

Edward (Butch) Willis

Brenda's brother sent me this e-mail in 2009.    I have never been quite the same since.   Please read this with caution.  You will not be the same after you read it


Thank you for remembering her.

You will glad to hear that from high school, Brenda attended college at Brigham Young in Provo Utah.  There she met her husband whom was a Secret Service Agent.   A few years later Brenda and her husband Steve had their first child, a girl named Gina……16 months later they had their second child, another daughter Stephanie.   Apparently that wasn’t enough and they once again attempted to have  a son.  Four years later that was successful in that Brenda delivered twins, a boy and a girl.   From all appearances Brenda was very happy, and in 1980 something, her family moved to Spokane Washington.  One day while Brenda was taking her twins and two neighbor children to school, for pre-kindergarten, while walking, a drunk driver crossed two opposite lanes, drove up the side walk, and ran down Brenda and the children.   He drive then took off, without rendering aid or calling for help.  The children die immediately, and Brenda passed away a few hours later.   The authorities said that if she would have gotten immediate attention, she would have survived.   A few days later, a woman, her husband ( a Mormon bishop), and a Mormon church official, accompanied the women to the police station.   Through the churches official ( a city councilman) the driver stated that she had a seizure, and could not remember anything.  It was later discovered that she was a drunk and highly medicated, and that after she slaughtered my sister and my nephew and niece, that she went home and with the churches advice waited until she was clean to turn herself in.   No criminal charges were filed and she was given counseling by the Moran church .    My parents hired investigators and wanted to go after the bitch in court, on behalf of Brenda’s children.    Those efforts were stopped by Brenda’s husband, whom himself a Moron, was told not to pursue the matter, by the clergy of the church.   My parents hired two rather enormous “baby sitters” to stay with me for 4 months, to prevent me from going to Washington and get “justice”…As a result my mom went psycho, had a nervous break-down, my father whom at the time was in the lead in a NM governor’s race, had to quit the election, to be with my mom……several years later, being unable to either look and my dad or me again, they divorced (after 30 years of marriage).  My dad eventually retired, and remarried..  My mom eventually died, after living “highly medicated”, and broken.


From all that I know, Brenda had a great life, a great family, was happy, and was survived by two great girls, whom are now happily married with kids of their own.   FROM THAT DAY ON NO BODY IN OUR FAMILY EVER HAD ANOTHER DRINK.


Please note that this sucked, but through that time she was very happy, and should be remembered by you as such.



05/28/16 10:04 AM #3    

Ellen Plitman (White)

I certainly remember Brenda from high school as a quiet sweet girl.  Her death was horrific and the story was heartbreaking to read.  Anyone who drinks and drives should read her story.  The punishment for drunk drivers should be far greater than it is.  One time, and they should lose everything including their right to drive.  It angers me to know the person that did this to her family was able to walk away with no justice for Brenda or her children. 

05/28/16 12:24 PM #4    

Jane Van Boskirk

Small world. I was doing a tour of my one woman shows in the Spokane area when that happened. I remember hearing the story and was amazed that such a horrific thing could happen. I didn't know the names of the victims but I doubt I would of made the connection with my friend who lived on the next block in Chevy Chase.

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