In Memory

John Joyce

In Viet Nam, November 8, 1967

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08/18/15 04:59 PM #1    

Kennis LeBrun (Termini)

One of the many victums of the Vietnames war.  What a loss to all who knew him. 

09/18/15 12:43 PM #2    

David Springer

John (I seem to remember that we called him Johnny.) was one of the genuinely nice people I knew at BCC. He is listed on the Viet Nam Memorial (29E/50) and his "date of casualty" is listed as Nov. 8, 1967. 

To Johnny, Paul Smithson and all our classmates who served, you have our respect, gratitude and honor. I think of you often.

09/18/15 01:49 PM #3    

Sharon Draiman (Gary)

As I read about everyone's lives and achievements in our class, nothing has struck me more than ALL those who served during those horrific times. Thank you for all of you out there who served in any capacity. RIP to those who didn't make it home.

09/18/15 03:26 PM #4    

Edward (Butch) Willis

I find this to be very heart warming.  I have remembered Johnny and Paul every Veterans Day and Memorial Day for 40 years.  I did not tell anyone that I had been in the Navy for over 30 years as people did not look at us with the same honor  and repsect that we now look at our veterans.  Kids do not make wars we just had to fight them.  I make a point of telling someone every year about the two guys that sat next to me in English Glass.  I will never forget

Ed. Butch Willis 

09/19/15 01:15 PM #5    

Mark Young

I trained Army ROTC at Massanutten Militray Academy. When most of us graduated ,  My classmates

( MMA). were instantly drafted. The reason was we already had the training. We knew the discipline and culture.


For John and the many others who lives stopped , as his did only a short time after graduation , you have to feel  extremely sad. I respect anyone who served, any time any  where and we should never forget them. 

Most people I know would give their lives for our country. Vietnam was a mess before we got in it and we left in that way. The men and women who gave it all, I for one will always be angry at our government for being so stupid, to waste their lives. I went to the " Wall" when it first opened. There were many names there I knew and even for the ones I didn't ...I grieved.  Every holiday people go shopping , have barbeques and it has become a joke in the sense that most people have forget those who lost their lives.


Last year a man came to my house . He saw my sculptures in the front yard. He stopped and told me that his friend in their Vietnam Group  loved turtles. I had one in the front yard. This man said he could spend that much for a turle. I said I would make his friend one for free.  The photo has been up on my facebook site, not to bring attention to me, but to remind others " We" have a duty to help those who lost so much.



. The man who wanted to purchase the turle has Purple Heart tags. His friend had been in a wheelchair since Vietnam.   It was my gift to him and I hope in a small way it  brought him some happiness when he looked at my turle in his garden.


What we lost was the best of our group, people that never got to have families, raise children or grow old. The families of these men and woman lost their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers...they suffered since that horrible day they leanred of the passing of their loveones.


We therefore  must carry on for them, hold them up and remember them with our stories, our memories.

Otherwise they willl be forgotten. They do not deserve that. So to all. Please do something that brings them the honor they deserve.


Shalom to all,

Mark Alan Young

04/13/16 01:18 PM #6    

Lois Janssen (Goldrick)

To Johnny! 

You were the kindest young man and I have never forgotten you or your sacrifice! You will always be remembered and I hope all of these wonderful messages make their way to your family! 

my husband, a Marine, served in Vietnam. War is a tremendous cost and perhaps we have finally learned ,through many years, the cost it is to those who served. 

04/14/16 02:17 PM #7    

Laura Glicenstein (Murray)

Johnny was my friend.  He was the first friend I had who died in Viet Nam.  He was mourned at his death and missed forever after.

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