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M. Diane Dawson (Boone)

Diane Dawson's husband told us that his wife passed away in September 2015 after an extended illness.

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12/01/21 04:40 PM #6    

Candace Darnall (Powell)

Hi to all.  I do not really remember Diane BUT I, too, went to the Feb. 11,1964 Beetles concert in DC with my then-boyfriend Mike Parker.  I did not realize other classmates went as well.  I still have the program and tickets which I took to an Antiques Roadshow when it was held in Newport, RI in 2018 thinking they would be worth a bundle.  But apparently there are lots of those programs and I also did not have the right part of the tickets that showed the entrire date.   So they are still valuable to me and I bring them out to show friends periodically.  I also do not remember who else performed at the concert.  Very sorry to learn that we have lost aother classmate.  Candy Darnall Powell




12/02/21 06:26 AM #7    

Pope Lawrence Jr

Well I too was at the Beatles Concert at Uline Arena. Quite a crush of people. My most vivid memory of the show was their entrance onto the stage. Each one descended the steep arena from the four compass points. The crowd went wild and I was amazed that they got down there so quickly.



12/02/21 11:28 AM #8    

Burney Clark

 I am saddened by the news of Diane's passing.

And, I am chiming in on other notes to say that I, too, attended the Beatle's concert.  My Dad, as a surprise,  had purchased my sister Molly and me each two tickets.  Molly took a girl friend from the neighborhood, and I took Bill Gerrish.  It was quite a night...I was unhappy that the noise of the screaming crowd made it so difficult to hear the music.  But, it was an event to remember!  That night was snowing like mad, and Dad dropped us all off in front, and miraculously was there when we exited.  Fun memories.  Best to all - Burney

12/02/21 12:09 PM #9    

Julia (Judy) Preston (Stover)

I knew Diane slightly.  We would talk in the halls.  I am sorry to the read the news.  I have a real smile on my face because I went to the Beatles concert too!   Burney described the evening perfectly.   It seems that the concert was the biggest gathering of our class besides graduation.

judy preston stover 




12/03/21 09:44 PM #10    

Lucy McLelland (Hand)

I can't say I remember Diane, but I have a very different Beatles memory.  My parents wouldn't let me go to the real concert, but they did let me go a few days later with a few classmates to the Uline Arena for a showing of the concert film.  It was on a huge screen that distorted the image so that the musicians' legs were very short.  There was probably less screaming than at the live show, so perhaps we heard more music, but I can't speak to the sound system The only other act I remember was Lesley Gore singing either "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" or "It's Judy's turn to cry"...

Lucy McLelland Hand 

12/04/21 03:34 PM #11    

Joseph Hubbard

I would like to say that "I'm sorry" to Diane's husband and family for having what should be a message board to speak to the relationships that classmates had with Diane turn into memories of a Beatles concert. Maybe I'm out of line, but I fealt this needed to be said.

12/05/21 11:49 AM #12    

David Posner

well said Joseph. i was right behind you.  i hope this ends it...

12/05/21 12:49 PM #13    

Lynda (Bonnie) Linkroum (Copper)

Joseph,  I'm so glad you spoke up.  Well done.. My heart goes out to her family.  

12/05/21 05:15 PM #14    

Julia (Judy) Preston (Stover)

Dear All,   I think I have to jump in about the last few comments about Diane.   I am sorry that some of you did not think that all of our comments were not out of respect to Diane.  I would like to say that this forum is for rememberances, our high school remerberances and for our high school friends.  Everyone who responded had taken the time to read her husband's words about Diane.  He specially pointed out that she had been to the Beatle's concert.  All of us who read it stopped and thought about Diane; did I know Diane or not, was she in Mr. Bryant's history class with me or not, or did we have lunch together and where we might have sat in the cafeteria, or did we giggle over boys that we liked?  But all of us thought about her in some way.

 And then we thought about one of the greatest evenings in our lives when we went to the Uline Arena on a snowy freezing evening to see the greatest group the world knew at that time.  And she was there!!!!! Whether we went together or whether we were sitting in another seat across the insanely loud auditorium; she was there and we shared a fabulous, fun and excitng night together.  What a greater tribute to Diane than that, whether we were close buddies or not; as each one of us who re-told the story, we did so because we shared something with her and it all happy memories. 

Please let's keep this page for all of us to feel free to say what we remember about our memories of our classmates at BCC.  Let's not scold each other while we were trying to say something kind and loving about our memories of each other.  The world right now is filled with wordsmithers, please let's not put restrictions on each other about what are appropriate memories or not.

 Her husband said that Diane had had a long illness.  I am glad it is over for her and her husband and her family. I share their loss of her and I am very sorry. But, in their grief they wanted us to know something fun about her that clearly had been a memorable night for her in high school. What is amazing is that so many of us so quickly responded that we had fantastic memories of that same night at the Beatles too; and we did so because of Diane's husband shared the story. 

I am sure I have just taken myself off many of your Christmas card lists.  But, her family and friends should be very proud that Diane did so much for so many of us.... made us happy while we remembered the incredible night when we were at the same place at the same time and including Diane, screaming our lungs out in sheer heaven.  Let's celebrate Diane and the Beatles!!  



12/05/21 08:10 PM #15    

Edward (Butch) Willis

I think I know everyone who posted here.  Just seeing these names gives me warm memories of a specail time in our lives.  Some I have known for 55 years and others for 66 years.  Diane was a friend of my senior year girl friend.  I do not see any disrespect in remebering the wonderful times that shaped our lives and Diane's life.  Thank you Judy and thank  each and everyone of you for your remberences.

Ed. Butch Willis

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