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Miller Young

Miller Young, who relished being the ‘last redneck in Bethesda,’ died September 16, 2015, at 67.
Mr. Young hunted, farmed, drank and barbecued until encroaching civilization came too close.

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10/15/15 01:25 PM #10    

Charles Powers

Butch, where is the Washing DC baseball museum? Can't seem to locate it....would love to sneak a beer in and drink it in memory of Miller and and his grandpop...


10/15/15 05:20 PM #11    

Lawrence Sigler

Rest in peace Miller. You won't be forgotten. You made friends and kept them.

10/15/15 07:39 PM #12    

Ben David Goodman

Hey, Butch:

I enjoyed so much your tribute to Miller.  288??  Wow, I was lucky to break 200.  I'm glad you remained friends with Miller; I lost contact when I moved to San Diego.  Unfortunately I didn't attend the 40th, so the last time I saw Miller was at the 30th.  He was certainly someone I looked forward to seeing at the 50th, but alas....

Let's don't forget the bars in which Miller had ownership:  The Dancing Crab (Wisc. Ave.) and the FarInn (Conn. Ave.)   I think we can figure out who came up with the names. 

Butch, I look forward to seeing you in June, as your absence in 2000 at St.George Island, FL, was conspicuous!  We can toast Miller!

10/15/15 07:43 PM #13    

Ben David Goodman


Great eulogy to Miller.  You said it all in just a few words.  As I posted to Butch, I'm looking forward to seeing you at the 50th!  We can toast Miller!

10/15/15 09:57 PM #14    

Emil Posey

I knew Miller, too.  Looking back, I had no idea how wide was his friendship net.  Yes, it was a 1955 Chevy.  I had one, too (he called it “cherry”), but not the same caliber as his.  I also remember his Honda.  A small one, but we both fit it on occasion.  I left Bethesda in February 1967 and never looked back.  Not disgruntled.  Lots of good memories of Bethesda.  Just moving on.  Lost track of a lot of good people, such as Miller.  A good guy.  RIP.

10/17/15 06:17 PM #15    

Lawrence Sigler

Hear hear, Ben, to the hail fellow well met!

02/20/16 09:37 AM #16    

Russell McNish

Many great times with Miller over the years.  I will always remember the parties at his house on Leland Street and the time he catered a party for us in Bethesda! 

02/21/16 08:05 PM #17    

Thomas Terlizzi

Always will remember him helping me in Mechanical Drawing class ( Mr. Hines). Did we really use ink bottles?!

Miller was truly a unique character. Will miss him at the 50th.

02/21/16 08:28 PM #18    

Ben David Goodman

Russ:  enjoyed your tribute to Miller.  Good times, indeed.

02/11/18 12:57 PM #19    

Christopher Knoop

May you rest in peace my dear freind. I will never forget you.

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